Solar Panel Logistics

Energize your solar panel logistics operations with our customized storage and logistics solutions, designed to keep your operations running smoothly and your panels shining under the sun.

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Lightspeed Solutions

Because of our expertise in Warehousing and Port Logistics, we can offer a comprehensive package that meets the unique needs of the solar panel sector:

☀️ A-class Solar Panel Storage Space: In large facilities, we provide  storage space for solar panels, ensuring they are stored securely and efficiently and handled carefully.

☀️ Ocean Freight from A to Z: We handle every aspect of ocean freight, from booking to delivery, to ensure your solar panel shipments reach their destination safely and on time.

☀️ Container Transport: Our container transport services streamline the movement of solar panels from port to warehouse.

☀️ Certified Customs Expertise: We offer certified customs services ensuring smooth clearance for your solar panel shipments.

☀️ Value Added Services: From quality checks to labeling, picking, packing, sorting, pallet design, and assembly, we offer a range of value-added services to meet your specific requirements.

☀️ Distribution: Our distribution services ensure your solar panels reach their intended destinations quickly and efficiently, whether locally or internationally.

☀️ Customization to Clients’ Desires: We tailor our services to meet your unique needs, providing customized solutions that align with your business objectives and preferences.

What sets us apart

Our Solar Panel Logistics Advantages

1. Solar Industry Focus

We have experience in handling solar panel modules.Together we carefully design or improve your logistics process. We operate the designed process following SOP's and KPI's.

2. Competitive Rates

Our lean operational structure and local market expertise enable us to offer highly competitive rates without compromising on quality or reliability.

3. Flexibility

We prioritize customer satisfaction and remain adaptable to evolving needs, staying abreast of new techniques, opportunities, and regulations to provide the best possible service.

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