General Terms and Conditions

Transparency is at the core of our values. Explore our terms and conditions to understand the foundations of our relationship.

Below you can find all the applicable terms and conditions of Cargocoon Netherlands BV. 
Cargocoon Netherlands rejects all general terms and conditions of its contractual counterparts, unless their applicability has been expressly agreed upon. 
The below conditions limit the liability of Cargocoon. It is strongly recommended that, if applicable, the contractual counterpart arranges its own insurance or, if possible, specifically requests Cargocoon to arrange insurance for the storage of the goods insurance and / or the transport of the goods insurance.

Logistics Services

All the Logistics Services of Cargocoon Netherlands B.V., which may include customs handling if agreed, are governed by the Dutch Logistics Services Conditions of TLN and FENEX, (“LSC 2014”, dated 2 April 2014 and deposited at the Registry of the court of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, under number 28/2014). 

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Freight Forwarding

All the freight forwarding activities of Cargocoon Netherlands B.V. , they may include customs handling if agreed, are governed by the Dutch Forwarding Conditions of FENEX, including the arbitration clause (dated 1 May 2018 and deposited with the Registry of the courts of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, under numbers 23/2018 and 16/201, respectively). 

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